Janome Summit + Shannon Fabrics


Hi friends, This past week I was invited along with several other bloggers, educators and freelancers to attend the first ever Janome Education Summit in New Jersey. First of all - wowser - they not only had a full line up of impressive classes...the food was pretty amazing too.

The first post of many I am going to share about the summit is the Shannon Fabrics class that I attended. I have worked with cuddle fabric just a handful of times but was excited to learn the tips and tricks needed to make a little less mess and how to sew a finished project correctly. I swear I think I know what I am doing but then I take a class and realize I absolutely don't and learning from the pro's is honestly always the best idea.

We had a lovely presentation of all of the materials that Shannon Fabrics makes - cuddle, embrace - Shannon fabric's double gauze, faux fur, really really realistic faux fur. Samples were passed around - there were lots of oohing and ahhing and I took some photos of some materials I CANNOT wait to get my hands on.

Shannon Fabrics Cuddle Kits // Modernhandcraft.com

Shannon Fabrics Cuddle Kits // Modernhandcraft.com

How amazing is this shag fur - that yellow is asking to be some pillows in my home!

We were given a fun cuddle / embrace kit for a baby. Wouldn't you know that on the 9th of this month is my best friends baby shower and I was pretty pumped to make something I would definitely be giving as a gift!

I chose the Embrace Double Gauze Sensational Strips Kit - Candyhearts fabric.

The kit includes your backing fabrics (some kits had the Embrace, mine had a fun heart cuddle), the fabrics for the front of the quilt (cut but additional sub-cutting would need to happen to get the required strips) and easy to understand instructions. The batting and thread are not included so be sure to add this to your cart if you are buying one. We used a white batting which was perfect for this particular quilt because the Embrace in my kit was white and it made the color pop really well. I would also recommend getting a basting spray and Terial Magic - which was in the classroom to use on the Embrace (Ill tell you more about that later).

I am not going to go into detail about the pattern as far as measurements, etc. because that is all included in the pattern but will share some of the things that the instructors recommended and things I did along the way that helped.

We used a crib sized batting which was just a bit larger than my backing fabric. I based the quilt size off of the backing fabric and just trimmed the batting to size. Spray basting the backing to the batting is definitely recommended.

*tip* When it was time to flip the quilt over to add the front pieces I folded the piece in half and cut tiny little notches in the batting at the halfway point to give myself a good reference for adding my Embrace panel to the middle in the next step.

Before cutting the Embrace double gauze the instructors recommended spraying a spray starch product called Terial Magic. I have seen this before - Matthew, Mister Domestic has used it pretty recently on some projects to stiffen fabric up so you can manipulate it a bit more. This was excellent for the double gauze because it made it less flimsy, so much I was contemplating my next quilt to be make with a double gauze since it was so easy to work with!

Now that my fabrics were Terial Magic-ed (that sounds right?) I cut the required strips from the fabric and was ready to begin "quilt as you go". Quilt as you go is pretty fantastic if you have not tried it. You essentially lay down your first piece of fabric - which was our middle panel - and work your way out from each side by laying down your next fabric face down, sewing, flipping over right side and continuing the process. If that doesn't make sense - google quilt as you go - I bet there are some super visual instructions out there.


Once my quilt was all quilted up - all I needed to do was square up and add my cuddle fabric binding....yes you heard correctly, cuddle binding.


It wasn't as difficult as I imagined it would be because we used a sweet serpentine stitch on our Janome 9400 machines and before you knew it we were done! I forget how long the class was - an hour maybe and we finished an entire project!


I am so in love with this blanket and will be so proud to gift this to my best friend next week. My little model Grey was also excited to pose with the cozy quilt.... up next - making Grey and myself one for snuggling on the couch!


I love the combo of the Embrace Double gauze and the cuddle for a baby blanket. I feel like you have a soft cozy side perfect for the winter and the Embrace will be nice to lay on in the summer time. The added batting made for a perfect thickness and will give the quilt durability when washed.


Stay tuned next week when I share some more from our Janome Education Summit experience. I learned so much - ruler work and how to use a serger to make a skirt!

Thanks for stopping by friends,