How to install a zipper in a pillow // Video Tutorial


Hi friends, Over the summer I will be working on turning some of my more popular tutorials along with some requested tutorials into videos. Today I am sharing my newest video - How to install a zipper into a pillow - using my favorite method.

This method takes a tiny bit more time and requires two sewing machine feet - a standard foot that allows a zig zag stitch and a zipper foot. You can omit the zig zag stitch if you want a faster finish and also omit the zipper foot and just move your needle position far to the left using your standard foot if needed. I love the professional finish the zig zag stitch gives us - so if you have the ability to add this step I promise you will love your finished pillow!

The home decor fabric used on this pillow can be found at your local IKEA - style: NEDJA $4.99 yard 

I hope you enjoy the newest video tutorial and please let me know in the comments below what you might like to learn next!

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