Colour Blog Series // Grey


When Michelle of factotum of arts first asked me if I was interested in joining in on this blog series about color, I knew right away what color I wanted. Grey is by far my favorite color, its the combination of black and white which I love dearly for its minimal design qualities. I surround myself with these colors in my home because I love to create in color, and what a great backdrop to have! Grey's are truly a neutral. They are the "new beige" in home trends and also the perfect addition to just about any sewing project. Often paired with brighter accent colors, you will also see them used on their own in designs.

Charcoal Grey - it's a neutral with a statement

The shade of grey that gets the most use in my house is charcoal grey - it can be charcoal kona, black essex linen by Robert Kaufman , or black Chambray by Andover - they all get equal use around here. I like to use this darker shade because it matches the decor in my home so when making a project, if I can fit a bit of it in - no matter what colors I am using, it will match nicely with everything else in the house.

Charcoal greys have very subtle difference in RGB values but remain true neutrals - making the perfect complement for most colors, especially bright whites, warm citrus and pink.

Here is a pillow using Charcoal Grey Kona cotton paired with Wasabi Kona cotton - a match made in heaven! You can also see a bit of Black Essex Linen peeking out from underneath.

Modern Southwest Pillow / 2015

Another project using this color combo is a HST quilt I made using Reel Time by Zen Chic for Moda paired with my trusty Black Essex Linen. See how beautiful the greys complement the greens?

Reel Time HST Quilt / 2015

This Diamond bat pillow was created using a beautiful print from Alison Glass along with a fun bat fabric from Andover fabrics. Using all grey creates a more sophisticated look for an alternative to the normal black and orange Halloween decor we see most of the time. Perfect for those of you who have early holiday decorating syndrome like I do....

Diamond Bats / 2015

Below you will see how well a Charcoal Grey pairs with bright colors - Black Chambray and Alison Glass Handcrafted both by Andover Fabrics. It really makes the colors pop so much more than a light grey or a white could do.

Handcrafted Granny Square Pillow / 2016

Light Grey - it's a calming neutral

Light grey is a great shade to use in place of white in any of your projects. I tend to use Ash Kona cotton for the background in many quilts and also tend to use a light gray thread on projects that call for any shade of gray since it blends so nicely.

This quilt features a fun combo of First of Infinity by Lecien fabrics - the lighter grey adds the perfect touch of neutral to help the other pastel shades blend nicely.

Pastel First of Infinity / 2016

This Scrappy Hexagon Pillow showcases an assortment of lighter and medium grey fabrics. Even with the different tones and shades they blend together for a fun look that could easily work in any color room.

Scrappy Hexagon Pillow / 2015

Here are some other examples of how I used grey fabric in my sewing:

In this example, you can see a grey denim acting as a great transition between a blue denim and a black denim.


Merry Gifts, a quilt from the Holiday Wishes Book was a fun one to experiment with solids instead of patterned Christmas fabric that was shown in the example. Notice how the three shades of grey add a nice touch to the color palette as the neutral other than the white backing. The grey also ties in the black ribbons so it is not as harsh.

Merry Gifts / 2016

Another Monochromatic look is shown on this pillow where I used the same grey shade but a different texture to create an interesting look. You can do this by choosing smooth solids with textured linens in the same shade on your quilting projects.


This pillow was created using Silent Film - a bundle of Kona Greys from Robert Kaufman fabrics. I love this bundle because it takes the guess work out of choosing grays that compliment each other.

I used a Crazy Quilt die from Sizzix, made a total of nine blocks from a stack of Silent Film 10" squares. I quilted this using a light gray aurifil thread since the lighter gray seems to almost melt into most fabrics. As far as thread colors go for me, I stock up in mainly white - light grey - charcoal grey - and black.

Crazy Quilt Pillow / 2016

Another example of using the Kona cotton bundle - Silent Film is this Granny Square pillow using all solids. Totally different look from the above using bright Handcrafted fabrics, this gives a grayscale look that I love to use when going for a more modern and minimal feel to my projects.

Grayscale Granny Square Pillow / 2015

Last but not least is a quilt I created from an upcoming pattern - Scallop. This quilt is a part of the Solids Series I am working on, quilts that focus on solids only. This quilt is a nice ombré of grayscale, White to Charcoal.

Scallop Quilt / 2016

I hope you enjoyed today's post, my partner in crime Nydia Kehnle is also up today with her take on our favorite neutral. She discusses how grey inspires her work, some of her latest patterns incorporating grey and also one of her new favorite fabric lines that has a stunning assortment of you guessed it... grey!

Also wanted to include a photo of my favorite creation - this one uses a cool Grey....

Grey wearing all Grey on a blog post about another Grey.

This is my son Grey  "Nicole did you name your son after your favorite color, are you obsessed?!" Well, slightly obsessed, but only with his clothing. Grey was actually my Great Grandfather's name, so you could say that this color runs in my family. :)

Thanks for stopping by today friends!