Arrow Crown Block

Hi friends, today I am sharing something I am really excited about - Creativebug. I tried it about 6 months ago because they were offering an entire free month - or 15 days, I forget. I signed up, maybe watched one drawing video and then kind of forgot about it. An ad popped up on Facebook the other day and it had something about quilting and a great project from Carolyn Friedlander and I thought, well I have nothing else to sew, I'll check it out again. I am so happy that I did. Actually watching the videos this time was a game changer for me, they are so well filmed and I just felt like I was getting a personal lesson from Carolyn herself! It inspired me to try freemotion quilting again, mostly because I didn't realize how she did her straight line quilting in little sections of her quilts - doh, I am totally hooked.

Here is a little sampler I did after watching the video - I am still learning but dang I almost kind of have it!

Modern Handcraft: Freemotion quilting practice

That little section on the top right she had in her video, following along the previous line with the edge of your free motion foot - I feel like the heavens opened and a little wisdom nugget from heaven fell out and hit me in the head.

The next video I watched was for Heather Jones Arrow Crown Block, This block finishes around 16 1/2" inches square, has a ton of pieces but along with her video and the pdf you can download (that is also awesome by the way) I went to work this morning.

Creative Bug
I decided to use all greens for this one, that one color is wasabi - not quite green, not quite yellow. Having the intentions of just making one block, I think I am going to make a block focusing on each color and make a large colorful rainbow quilt. At least that is what I imagine me doing if I had the time and patience....I'll just drop it into my ever growing WIP pile.

Modern Handcraft // Arrow crown Block

Modern Handcraft // Arrow crown Block

What I loved about watching Heather's video, and then making this block is that you never are too advanced to take a class on a simple quilting project. I could probably look at this block and figure out how to make it without the instruction or pattern, but I swear I learned so many little tricks or different ways of doing things that really gave me an ah-ha moment. It's also a nice refresher on things you get lazy on, or do not think to do while sewing. So thank you Heather - your class was just perfect!

Modern Handcraft // Arrow crown Block

After doing some digging looking for more blocks, I discovered this was part of a block of the month series, now to find the previous ones!

Creativebug did not contact me, offer me a free subscription or ask that I talk about it, I just really really enjoyed it! If you are just starting out, or are a well seasoned quilter, artist or are interested in trying something new, I think it's such an awesome thing available online.

For now I am going to hold off on the other Arrow Crown Blocks, and might dabble in some drawing classes, something I haven't done since I was a teenager.

Hope you all have a great week!