Crochet Hexagons // AKA My Newest Obsession


Hi friends, A couple of weeks ago, I had a crazy week. One where I literally made and quilted and photographed three quilts - I was over it. The last thing I wanted to do was work on a quilt, or even hand sewing - shoot, anything with fabric was repulsive for a few days, so I reverted back to my old ways....crochet.

I am by no means a good that a word? I have to look online and watch a video to refresh my foggy brain on how to do the most basic of stitches. Then I came across this and instantly fell in love - well I guess you could say I am obsessed!

Simplydaisy on Youtube has me hooked! She is easy to understand, seems very delightful and she makes the cutest projects!

Links to tutorials used:

She also has some fun ones like...

I do hope you will check out her posts, and trust me, if you are a beginner you will have no issues following along!

Here are some pics of the progress I am making so far.

Modern Handcraft // Crochet Hexagons

I am using a palette of light gray, dark gray and black for my center hexagons, and white as the main hexagon border. This is the color that makes the main hexagon shape at the end, as the center ones almost become round in appearance.

Modern Handcraft // Crochet Hexagons

These are fun to make in bulk, I found myself just making stacks of the initial hexagon shapes while watching a movie. I also had a work trip so these were super airplane friendly as they fit on my tray table and were easy to make in quick little bursts.

Modern Handcraft // Crochet Hexagons

Here is my progress so far, isn't this fun? I loved the design so much as it reminds me of the look my modern hexies make when I glue them down to a white background. I am excited to finish this one up for my living room.

Modern Handcraft // Crochet Hexagons

You can really see the hexagon shape popping up on the areas where you join the smaller hexagons together. This step has always frightened me...joining the smaller shapes together into the larger blanket. The steps she gives you in the video tutorial are so easy to follow and just make sense, so you really do not need to reference the video while sewing.

Modern Handcraft // Crochet Hexagons

Till next time little crochet project! I am a bit swamped with some sewing this week, but it's nice to know I have a treat waiting for me when I am done (and over sewing again).

Thanks for stopping by today friends!