Timber Quilt Along // Week 3


Welcome friends to the third week of our Timber Quilt Along! I hope you have all been having fun with your first three blocks and are prepping for this week of the quilt along. This week we begin with Section 2, block A which consists of 4 matching blocks that we will connect to our flying geese next week. This week was a quick and easy one that allows everyone that is just starting to catch up.

Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along : Schedule


Block A: 4 total

Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along

Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along

This one was pretty easy to figure out - the image on the pattern shows a great example on how to line up the strips to create your 6" x 6 1/2" blocks. It all worked out perfectly for me on my first two blocks but then on the third I realized I needed to arrange my strips a little more to one side. If all of the blocks had been a perfect 6" square I am sure I wouldn't have run into that issue, but it was an easy fix with my seam ripper and repositioning just a bit.

Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along

It was nice having a simple block this week, because next week we are doing all of the flying geese - I might actually get a head start on those this week to make it a little easier on myself!

Adding a link up to the bottom so you can share your progress pics for each week. I love seeing all of the images on Instagram...and am super impressed with some of you who are so far ahead (there are complete quilt tops in there guys!)

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Thanks for stopping by today friends and am looking forward to a new week of quilt along fun!