Timber Quilt Along // Week 2


Welcome friends to the second week of our Timber Quilt Along! I hope you have all been having fun coloring your timber planning sheets and choosing fabrics for your quilts. This week is all about Section 1 which consists of 3 total blocks - the middle HST block and the two blocks that connect on each side.

I will admit I was a little worried on how difficult this quilt appears and the many different parts thinking - there is no way I am going to easily fit this into my schedule. Let me tell you it's much easier than I thought due to the fact that we have each section broken down into a weeks worth of work. So you can literally devote a couple of hours a week to this and be good.

Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along : Schedule


Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along

I started out by looking over my Timber color sheet and getting my fabrics in order for cutting. I also spread out my fabric swatches that are numbered so I will know where to put what color. Still on the fence with those 4 square sections (Section 2 block A) I am leaning towards keeping them solid chambray blocks - but will end up making both options next week and you guys can help me decided what looks best.

Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along

Block A: 1 total

Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along

This one was pretty easy to figure out - there is a nice explanation of how to make HST in the pattern. I went ahead and just cut my squares 5" and trimmed down to the correct size.

For those of you using the fabric bundle from Alison you finally have a chance to see the chambray up against the Sunprints....oh so fun! There are kits still available if you are still wanting to join in!

Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along

My first block all lonely on the design wall, which I might add was extremely useful for this project. I finally broke down and bought this one - and it has been a huge helper with keeping my dining table clean.

Block B: 2 total

Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along

There are several ways to make these blocks - I chose to use chambray on the two outer strips instead of two different fabrics. I went back and forth with this option, I thought about adding a strip of color but decided against it to keep it a little less busy.


Laying out my colors to make sure I still like the order I planned out. Two fabrics did a little flip flopping.

Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along

Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along

I ran into some trouble on the 16 rectangles. They should end up measuring 24 1/2" long, mine was coming in at 23 1/2" - I swear I thought I was losing my mind.

Should I just add a 17th strip?

Is the pattern wrong?

Did I cut one of the strips incorrectly?

Well after looking at my block seam allowance (which I thought was accurate) and after talking to Alison who double checked the math, I decided to seam rip and test my 1/4" measurement on my sewing machine. It was off just by a teensy little bit.

Apparently just being off the tiniest bit x 16 blocks = a full 1" off on the measurements. The lesson here is to first really check your machine before sewing, and there are many great references I will list below for accuracy.

If you make your block and realize that it is not measuring up correctly, go back and try again. I almost decided to just cut the two outer strips to make it all line up, but that would have been a huge mistake making my entire quilt off kilter.

That's why I love these Quilt Alongs so much...we can all learn from each others mistakes and learn fun tricks and tips along the way as well. So please....if you have any advice for the rest of us, we would love to hear about it below in the comments!

Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along

Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along

Modern Handcraft // Timber Quilt Along

So after figuring out my machine and sewing all three blocks together I now have a happy little middle strip just waiting for his buddies to join in on the fun.

I am having a giveaway on Instagram this week - simply post a photo of your progress for section one with the hashtag #timberqal and you will have a chance to win a fun hexie pincushion with your timber quilt progress as the color inspiration. Well I am not on Instagram, this isn't fair! Just leave a comment letting me know what colors you are working with, and add a picture or link to your blog if possible (not necessary) and I will add you to the running as well.

I hope you all are having fun with the quilt along and I can't wait to see all of the different versions that are going to start popping up on my Instagram feed and here on the blog! You guys are amazing and I love having the opportunity to sew along with you all on this fantastic quilt!

Also make sure to keep up with Jamie's version using Liberty prints - wowsa! She posted an image this morning and I can tell you this quilt is going to be stunning!


Thanks for stopping by friends!