Crazy Blocks - WIP

Hi friends! Trying to get back into a normal schedule at home...who knew that would take over a week after returning from Quiltcon. I have a million to-do's and emails to return and feel like I am underwater a bit, I am sure I am not the only one right?

Today I want to share a work in progress that I started before I traveled out of town, and it's a project that I am so in love with.

My crazy blocks quilt is just a mini right now, but I plan to add to the perimeter until I reach a size I love. The goal is to make a queen size quilt, but if I reach a throw size and love it - I would be happy to stop right there and quilt it up.

For this project I am using a Sizzix Pro die that I wasn't really sure I would like - you know the one's you see and you are just not so sure about. Well, funny how you can be so wrong - when using the right fabrics just about any pattern can be something truly amazing.

Materials needed: finished block measures 8" x 8" square

  • 1 - 10" x 10" square of fabric equals 1 block - so for 9 blocks I used 9 - 10" x 10" squares of fabric. Different colors or patterns make for a scrappy crazy look to the block
  • Sizzix Big Shot Pro Machine
  • Sizzix Bigz Pro Die - Crazy Quilt


Select the 10" squares of fabric you would like to make your blocks, I used a combination of grays that I had from a layer cake of Kona solids called Silent Film. Layer cakes are amazing because they are stacks of precut fabrics that already measure 10" x 10" - just imagine an extra large charm pack.


Center your fabric squares on your die - the 10" size covers the die pattern completely. Layer up to 8 fabrics for each fun through the machine.


Make your Sizzix sandwich: Pro cutting pad - Crazy Quilt Die - fabric layers - Pro cutting pad on your cutting try that also contains your Big Shot Pro Extended Adaptor Pad. Run through the machine with the hand crank until you have all of your pieces cut.


Your 10" pieces now resemble something like this. I like to stack my pieces on top of each other - rearranging the layers so as I sew I will create my scrappy look.


At your machine, sew your sections together in sets like shown above. Then you will combine the three sections to make your finished block.


Trim up your blocks and start sewing together turning the blocks to create one large crazy design!

Looking forward to getting back to this project this month, we are painting our living room walls white and adding an accent wall of black - so this might make a fun addition to the room!

Hope you give the crazy quilt block a try - and if you have a project featuring this die please share it below in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by today friends!