Crochet Christmas Stocking // Tutorial

Hi friends,  I am here today with a sewing project that lets some of your crochet & knitting skills shine through (or an old sweater if you want to skip a step). Crochet Christmas Stocking Tutorial! Crochet Stocking Tutorial

I learned to crochet and knit by watching Youtube videos, I tried on many failed occasions to read patterns in How to Crochet books but there was just something missing that didn't connect with my brain...I needed to see someone do it. So for the first part of today's project - crocheting the front of the stocking - I will leave it up to my fellow instructors online - Youtube: single crochet. I thought about taking photos of the step by step instructions or even attempting a video...but there are so many available online, it's best left to the pros.

Materials needed: 


  • Bulky yarn in the color of your choice - I used almost 1 skein of
  • 3/4 yd of coordinating fabric
  • Stocking to use as a template
  • Sewing machine and notions (coordinating thread, scissors, marker or fabric pen, straight pins)

Step 1:


  • Crochet or knit (in any pattern you desire) a large enough piece to match the size of the stocking you are using as a template. I used a single crochet here and once the piece was long and wide enough I started crocheting just to the halfway point for the sock bottom. You can also skip this step if you prefer to use an old sweater.


  • Continue crocheting / knitting until the piece is large enough for your stocking front.

Step 2:


  • The first stocking shape you will trace will be the backing to your crochet / knit front. This not only acts as a backing in case your crochet work is a bit see through but will also secure your crochet / knit work around the edges for cutting. Make sure that this piece you cut is right side up and going the direction you would like your stocking to hang.


  • No you will lay the fabric piece you just cut face down against the backside of your crochet / knit piece. If you are using an old sweater, make sure that the front is facing down. Pin around the edges, smoothing both the crochet material and fabric as you go.


  • At your machine, using a small stitch length, stitch around the perimeter close to the edge.


  • Now that your crochet / knit edges are secured with your stitching you can cut around the outside of your stitching line. There will be a few longer pieces as you cut, just trim those as you go to create a clean edge.

Step 3:


  • You will now need to cut 3 more stocking shapes. If you would like to make your lining different or backing different you can do so in this step. You will need one stocking shape traced and cut for your backing, and two stocking shape pieces traced and cut for your stocking lining. Be careful to make sure that they are facing the right direction when you are cutting these out, it is very easy to get turned around.
  • Once you have your pieces cut, pin your backing piece and one lining piece right sides together and pin at the top (like shown). Pin your front piece and one lining piece together and pin at the top. Sew along the top with a 1/4" to 1/2" seam allowance.


  • Your stocking halves should now look like this.


  • Take your front half and your back half and lay them right sides facing, making sure to match up your middle seams. Pin around perimeter and sew using a 1/4" seam allowance.


  • Make sure to keep an open space on your lining half to turn the stocking right side out.

Step 4:


  • Turn right side out through the opening, making sure to poke out the rounded parts of the stocking well.


  • Fold in edges of opening and stitch closed.


  • For your stocking loop I made a crochet piece around 5" long, you can also create this with your fabric scraps.


  • Fold in half and pin in place, stitch to the stocking by hand with a coordinating thread.

Congrats!!! You are finished!




Thank you so much for taking the time to follow along with this project and I hope to see some of your finished work! Make sure to share on Instagram by tagging me at @modernhandcraft or posting on my Facebook page!