Weekender Sew Along, Part 2

Hi friends! WeekenderSewAlong2014

Sorry for the bit delay on this post - after a bit of IT troubles (forgetting my computer at home) we are back in business! Today's post was supposed to be all about Cutting // Interfacing // Making the Panels but since I am a wee behind and the pockets are a little more work for my version I am going to show you a tip for your piping, finishing your hexagon main pockets and making your straps a little differently.




On the first weekender post I had a run down of some great tips I found online - one of which was making your piping with iron on hem tape instead of stitching. Thanks to Jen over at Just Another Day in the Lives of for sharing this fun tip.

For my piping I am using a Heat n Bond iron on hem tape.


  • Lay your 1.5" wide fabric down on your ironing board, placing your cording in the middle and your iron on hem tape at the bottom.


  • Fold over and iron - that's it! Now you won't have to worry about your piping stitches showing when you sew your layers together.

Adding Hexagons to your main pockets:

If you printed out the Hexagon pdf sheet that I shared back on the first day and have been working on your hexies - I now know that it takes 57 or so hexies to make one main side panel. Since I am only making one that has hexies on it - I stopped there, but feel free to make more to jazz up a zipper pouch or other fun bag accessory!

  • When you are ready to attach your hexagons to your main panel you should begin by pressing them with a hot iron very well. This helps the hexie retain it's new shape when you remove the thread and paper insert.


  • Now you can lay out your hexies in the desired pattern - you may decide to just do a few to one side or make some fun floral shapes but for my bag I am sticking with an open honey comb type layout. There are 57 hexagons shown above.


  • When you are ready to start gluing them down take a hexagon from the middle - snip and remove your thread and paper.


  • Add a thin layer of craft glue around the back edges - in just a bit so it doesn't spread past the hexagon when you press it down (a little glue goes a long way). I have been using Aleene's Fabric Fusion forever and it works really well, it is a permanent fabric glue. It also comes in a pen that is very easy to use, the bottle works great as well.


  • Press down in the original spot and continue with the same process until you are finished. The outside hexies that hang off can just be glued down on the half that is actually on the fabric.


  • When you are finished and the glue has had some time to dry, trim all of the extra hexagon pieces that are hanging over the edge.


  • Ok, your pocket front should now look similar to this - time to sew!


  • To stitch these down I used a white thread, you are welcome to coordinate your hexies and thread color if you like. Did a straight stitch, backstitching at the beginning and end and I kept my needle down as I pivoted around the corners.



Double layer straps:

The only modification I made to the straps was to make them a little thicker, and instead of one fabric that has interfacing inside - I went with two fabrics and no interfacing.


  • The main strap in yellow, measures 3" x 54" and the patterned strap piece measures 2.5" x 54".


  • At my iron, I ironed them both in half, and then folded each side in towards the middle like shown above.


  • Instead of adding interfacing (my canvas is very stiff) I placed a strip of Heat n Bond iron on hem tape to join the two together.


  • Now you can easily add some top stitching to each side - now it looks like the piping you will have on the rest of your bag!

That's all for today friends - remember to follow along on Instagram and Twitter with #WSA2014 for progress pictures and to share your work with everyone! We are seeing some fun patchwork so far - great job!!