Quilt Market 2014 Recap

Hi friends! I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh for the day on Friday..and a few hours on Saturday. I cannot tell you how inspiring it was, how nice everyone was and just the overwhelming feeling of awe I had the entire day. Quilters are truly some of the greatest people around. It was hard to take all of the pictures that I intended to because you get so star struck by the designers that you kind of forget to take a picture or I wanted to share on Instagram so badly that I just didn't have a chance to take a shot with my camera.


So please enjoy some Quilt Market fun -

DS Modern Solids by Denyse Schmidt

qm34 qm35 qm36

American Made Brand's booth was a solid color dream land - I really wish I had more pictures to share of this booth.

qm50 qm48

Some of the beautful quilts at the entrance

qm33 qm32

Carolyn Friedlander - my favorite booth of the day!

qm30 qm31 qm28 qm29 qm27


Cotton + Steel

qm2 qm1 qm3 qm4 qm5 qm51 qm25

I look a little too excited to be standing here with my book - these gals are insanely talented!

Jeni Bakers new line - Geometric Bliss for Art Gallery

qm46 qm45

Winged for Art Gallery


Loved the number details in this quilting.

qm37 qm39

Arizona by April Rhodes for Art Gallery Fabrics

qm23 qm24

Gleeful by Caroline of Sew Caroline for Art Gallery Fabrics - she is super sweet too :)

qm22 qm21

Indelible by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics was stunning - love this text print.


Athena by Angela Walters for Art Gallery Fabrics - Seeing her quilting up close was so amazing - she is also a super sweet gal.


Big City by Sara Lawson for Art Gallery Fabrics - I loved the colors in this line and the fact that Chicago was represented!

qm18 qm14 qm15 qm16

Isn't she adorable!


Andover had two of my friends side by side! Giuseppe - @giucy_giuce on Instagram and Karie of Two Quilt Quilters

qm12 qm13

Alison Glass for Andover - I could not get enough of this booth -  I had to visit a few times, and she is just so nice.

qm10 qm11 qm9 qm8 qm7 qm6 qm43

Sew Yummy by Monica Solorio - Snow for Cloud 9 fabrics


I want to say this quilt was made by Amy Friend and was located over in the Sizzix booth - I love the quilting on this!


Stunning quilt by Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies Quilts


Last but not least - I had some items in the Dear Stella booth this year and I was so so excited!

Big Love Quilt


Wee Gallery - Dress me up area, loved seeing everyone's dress up ideas on Dear Stella's Instagram page!


My Wee Gallery triangle quilt, lay mat and a zig zag rainbow alphabet pillow made it in the booth as well!

qm56 qm57

A picture of Jessica (Dear Stella) and I in front of the Big Love quilt - the sun was CRAZY over by their booth!


Hope you enjoyed my little photo journey of my day at Quilt Market - loved meeting some of my Instagram friends there as well - you guys are awesome!