Hot Pads: A Tutorial

Hi Friends! Today I am sharing a tutorial for a project that is fast and pairs nicely with the Fiesta Placemats I shared earlier in the week - Hot Pepper Hot Pads. // Hot Pads: A Tutorial

This tutorial is fun for all of you beginners out there and it is fast - just under an hour. Hot pads are a little different than oven mitts, there isn't a pocket to place your hand. These are fun little table protectors to place on your kitchen table underneath hot items. I added a little loop to hang them on a fun hook in your kitchen or to assist you in moving the hot pad around underneath a larger casserole dish without burning your fingers.

I am excited to send these hot pads and matching Fiesta Placemats to my aunt that lives in Texas, she grows peppers and they make their own salsa - what a perfect fit! // Hot Pads: A Tutorial

Materials needed: Makes 4 hot pads that measure 7" in diameter

Step 1: // Hot Pads: A Tutorial

  • On the back side of your two fabrics trace 4 circles. I used an 8" plastic plate for my template. On your quilt batting, trace 8 circles. Cut all of these out. // Hot Pads: A Tutorial

  • You will now have 8 batting circles and 8 fabric circles (4 pepper / 4 dream basic)
  • Take each fabric circle and spray your basting adhesive to the backside. Place on a batting circle and smooth. Do this for each fabric circle - the basting adhesive keeps everything in place while we sew them together.

Step 2: // Hot Pads: A Tutorial

  • For the loops I am using a double fold binding tape, this material is open on one side so did a quick stitch with my machine to close it up. // Hot Pads: A Tutorial

  • For your loop - just twist and hold together like shown. // Hot Pads: A Tutorial

  • Pin in place on your backing piece of the hot pad - the loop can face either way because it can twist around once completed. Make sure that all of the edges at least meet the edge of the fabric otherwise they will not be sewn into place.

Step 3: // Hot Pads: A Tutorial

  • Lay the top side of the hot pad facing the back piece. Pin in place and make sure that your loop is on the inside. // Hot Pads: A Tutorial

  • You will now sew around the perimeter of the hotpad leaving at least a 3" space to turn the hot pad right side out. // Hot Pads: A Tutorial

  • Once the hot pad is right side out, press with an iron and then pin the opening closed. This is a little tricky making sure the edges are folded under to match the rest of the hot pad.
  • Top stitch around the edges and if you like, do a little quilting over the top of the hot pad, I did a straight line stitch up and down and then side to side - pretty much a big plus sign on the top.

You are finished! // Hot Pads: A Tutorial // Hot Pads: A Tutorial // Hot Pads: A Tutorial

Thanks for stopping by today and I do hope you enjoyed this tutorial!