Fiesta Placemats: A Tutorial


Hi friends! Today I am sharing a tutorial on how to make a set of quick placemats - 6 in fact from 2 yards of fabric. These are fun for a colorful touch to your dining table, special mats for the kids or even as a gift in a hostess basket. I called these "Fiesta Placemats" because they are made with a super festive fabric and with all of the colors used can fit in with almost any party. // Fiesta Placemats: A Tutorial

Materials needed: // Fiesta Placemats: A Tutorial

  • 1 yard of festive fabric for the top of the placemat, cut into 6 pieces measuring 13" x 18" (fabric used: Timeless Treasures Cantina line, Mexican Blanket)
  • 1 yard of backing fabric, cut into 6 pieces measuring 13" x 18" (fabric used: Timeless Treasures Soho Black)
  • 1 yard of Therm O Web Fusible Fleece, cut into 6 pieces measuring 13" x 18"
  • Sewing Machine & notions (straight pins, coordinating thread, scissors)
  • Iron

Step 1: // Fiesta Placemats: A Tutorial

  • Take your 6 top pieces measuring 13" x 18" and iron them to your 6 Fusible Fleece pieces - back of fabric to sticky side of fleece. // Fiesta Placemats: A Tutorial

  • Lay your 6 backing fabric pieces on top of your front fabric/fleece pieces right sides facing. Pin around perimeter and sew leaving a 4" - 6" hole to turn right side out. // Fiesta Placemats: A Tutorial

  • Turn right side out, poke out corners with a knitting needle or chopstick and iron. Fold your opening pieces under and iron, this will help when you sew the opening closed. // Fiesta Placemats: A Tutorial

  • Back at your machine, stitch around the perimeter, also stitching the opening closed. I like to use a walking foot from here on out - makes for a nice edge stitch like shown and also helps when you sew across the placemat (keeps the fabric from bunching up). // Fiesta Placemats: A Tutorial

  • You now have a nice new placemat, if you do not plan on washing these you can leave as is. If you plan on washing you will need to sew a few lines across the top to secure the fleece to keep it from possibly shifting in the wash. // Fiesta Placemats: A Tutorial

  • A few sewn lines across the top do a nice job of keeping everything in place. I hid mine in some of the black lines the fabric offers. // Fiesta Placemats: A Tutorial

That's it! Wasn't that easy? You now have a set of 6 placemats for your next fiesta - or Sunday night dinner at home. I love the colors in this fabric - wouldn't a chair covered in this be crazy?! // Fiesta Placemats: A Tutorial // Fiesta Placemats: A Tutorial

Rolling these up with some fun twine makes for a lovely presentation in a gift basket as well. Perfect for a Mother's day basket of goodies!

Hope you have enjoyed today's tutorial and I hope that you will share any finished projects with me that this inspired! I love to chat over on Twitter and on Instagram - come and say hi!


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