Confetti Pillow: A Tutorial

Hello friends! Excited to share with you today a fun tutorial to add a little Springtime to your decor - The Confetti Pillow! confettipillowmodernhandcraftheader


Materials needed:


  • Solids closely matching the above shades - I cut a strip of each measuring 2" x 17"
  • Heat N Bond lite if you are quilting -or- Heat N Bond No Sew if you are not quilting, I cut a strip measuring 2" x 17" for each color used (10 strips total)
  • Solid white fabric for pillow measuring 19" x 41" and two strips measuring 2.5" x 19"
  • Heat N Bond Fusible Fleece measuring 19" x 41"
  • Straight pins, rotary blade, cutting mat, iron, old towel, coordinating thread,pencil or pen, a roll of thread or other template for your circles (under 2" diameter)

Step 1:


  • Cut fabric and Heat N Bond into strips measuring 2" x 17"


  • Following the directions (Medium heat & no steam) iron your Heat N Bond sticky side down onto your fabric. I like to lay an old towl on my ironing board to keep any unwanted residue from ending up there.


  • Taking your roll of thread of other template (under 2") draw circles on the paper backing of the Heat N Bond, closely together to get the most out of each strip.


  • Cut out your circles or confetti as we will call it now.

Step 2:



  • Back at your iron you will now take your white fabric piece measuring 19" x 41" and lay it on your ironing board. Remove the paper backing from your confetti and randomly place on your white cloth - iron down. I like to spread my confetti out light on top and heavier at the bottom.


  • Once you are finished you can now iron your pillow cover onto your fusible fleece - backing of pillow top to sticky side of fleece. Iron on as directions note.

Step 3:


  • If you used the Heat N Bond no sew you can skip this quilting step - I went with the lite and did a straight line stitch making a grid pattern. Free motion quilting loops or circles would look great on this as well!



  • At your cutting mat - trim up your edges and square.

Step 5:


  • You will now add binding to the short ends of your pillow, this will finish off the ends for your envelope back. Take your two strips of 2.5" x 19" fabric and iron in half lengthwise. Matching raw ends of binding to the raw edge of pillow pin in place. Stitch along edge with a 1/4" seam allowance.


  • Fold over the edge making sure to pass your stitch line and pin.


  • Flip over and stitch along the side of your binding to secure in place.

Step 6:


  • With your pillow facing right side up - fold over each side 11" inches like shown. This will make your envelope back. You will be sewing this wrong side out.


  • Pin along open sides - placing a pin at the points where your envelope fold will meet. Make sure to back stitch a few times at these points to secure the pillow opening.


  • Sew along each side with a 1/4" seam allowance. When finished a simple zig-zag stitch will seal your ends nicely.
  • Turn your pillow inside out and poke out the corners with a chopstick or knitting needle and you are done!






Time to celebrate Spring!!!

Hope you enjoyed today's tutorial - please share your work on Instagram with #confettipillow and tag me @ModernHandcraft -  I would LOVE to see your work!!!


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