Neon Museum - Las Vegas

We took a trip out to Las Vegas for Valentine's Day this year for a little sunshine...and to re-new our vows - why not?! The Neon Museum, or Neon Boneyard has been on my bucket list for years now - took some pics to share with you today!


neonmuseum30 neonmuseum10

I was really pleased with their selection of N's!

ncollage neonmuseum29 neonmuseum28 neonmuseum26 neonmuseum25 neonmuseum22 neonmuseum21 neonmuseum20 neonmuseum18 neonmuseum15 neonmuseum14 neonmuseum13 neonmuseum12 neonmuseum11 neonmuseum8 neonmuseum6neonmuseum3 neonmuseum2Snuck in a few "wedding pics"

neonmuseum24 neonmuseum27 neonmuseum23


I highly recommend renting a car or taking a taxi out to this little gem of a place. Just under $20 to get in and the tour lasts about 45 minutes. They move along quickly and do not want you to do a full on photo shoot so snap those pics fast! I hear the nighttime tour is also amazing...maybe next time.