Valentine's Day Embroidery - Wild Olive

For those of you that follow me on Instagram you probably know I am a huge Wild Olive fan. I am excited to share a little bit of Valentine's Day embroidery that I have been working on - just a bit from a couple of different patterns. I have a few more still being stitched up - I will share those with my Instagram friends later :)


vday1You can find Mollie's adorable pattern's over here at her Wild Olive Etsy site. They are affordable, beginner friendly and she literally has something for just about anyone!

I like to add a little yarn to my embroidery hoops when I am finished - creates a nice little crafty frame.


Take a nice long piece of yarn and tie the end to your main hoop (with the adjustment piece at the top) I like to do a double knot and leave a 2 - 3 inch tail piece.


Start winding the yarn around your hoop like shown.


When you are finished just tie to the tail that you started with and voila - you have a fancy hoop now!


Isn't this cupcake the cutest!


Thanks for stopping by friends!