Quilted Pillows

Hi friends! A little slow on blogging this week - excited toddler and tired evenings have eliminated all thoughts of being on the computer for very long. I do have a finish for the week that I am excited to share with you - Quilted Pillows.


I made these for my Etsy shop - things were getting a little sparse in there and I needed to add something new and fun. Plus I thought it might be nice to earn a wee bit of money on the side since I do this blogging gig for free.



These pillows are from some of my favorite fabrics that I have been hoarding away - and I am a bit tempted to keep them for myself :)

All four pillows (2 of each style) measure roughly 17" square, pictures were taken with an 18" Ikea feather pillow insert - perfect size for a nice dense pillow.


They are both straight line quilted and are fully lined with white fabric - I think the extra fabric layer adds for a nice thickness.


I have these listed for sale if anyone is interested! I really enjoyed making these and have a few more in the works.


Thanks for stopping by friends - I am also linking up with Finish it up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts because this is THE one thing I finished this week :)