Burton 2014 Olympics Uniform

Ok, so I don't usually gravitate outside my cozy posts about quilts and family...but I just had to talk about this. burtonjacket

Burton's 2014 Olympic U.S. Snowboarding Team uniforms were just unveiled and it made the quilter in me quite giddy!

Take a look at the team's patchwork inspired uniforms. They are constructed out of corduroy, synthetic fabrics and some new fancy waterproof/breathable membrane. Could you imagine creating an "all-terrain" quilt out of this? I mean, I would never be afraid to take a quilt camping, heck - I would drape it over a branch and it could be my tent!


Burton says it's inspiration is from "Snowboarding's laid back culture while paying respect to America's longstanding creative heritage". Maybe the handmade movement is reaching all areas...or they have run out of ideas and had to go back to square one. Either way I am loving it, and can't wait to see these in use next year.

(Image credits to Burton clothing // burton.com)