Modern Hexies


Hi friends, Excited to share with you my pattern Hexie Pillow - a complete step by step instruction on the Modern Hexie process.

In this pattern you will learn how to:

  • Baste your hexagons
  • How to prepare hexagons for gluing
  • How to prepare your baking material for your project
  • How to space and glue your hexagons down
  • Marking and quilting your project

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Modern Hexies

In English paper piecing, hexagons are usually sewn together and the process can take a very long time. This process eliminates the extra sewing and adds in a glue element to speed things along and make for a very striking effect.

Here is one of many videos included in the pattern, Basting Hexies will give you a head start on prepping for your project.



Modern Hexies
Thank you so much for stopping by friends and I hope to see you again soon!