Sunday Stash - Squared Elements

Once in a blue moon I get really really lucky....and this was one of those times. I am so excited to share one the newest additions to my stash - Squared Elements by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Nancy over at Owen's Olivia Blog has a new pattern out called Wonky Triangles and to celebrate the momentous occasion she had a giveaway on Instagram - and I was the lucky winner!

I received the new pattern and a whole whopping stack of pretty.... Here is today's drool worthy Sunday Stash, enjoy!






The fabric was sent over from Stash Fabrics, how cute is their card?! Here is a link if you are interested in getting a fun addition to your stash - Stash Fabrics Squared Elements.

Also linking up with Michelle over at Factotum of Arts // Squeek Crafts who is hosting Sunday Stash this week!

Hope the last day of your weekend is wonderful and have fun Trick or Treating this week!