Spooktacular Quilt top - mini tutorial

Hi friends! For the next couple of weeks I am going to be sharing some fun Halloween projects with you on the blog and wanted to start out with a very exciting one - My Spooktacular Quilt!

Right now this is a work in progress, I just finished up the quilt top yesterday and I am now on a serious search for a backing fabric.

Since this fabric line - Spooktacular by Maude Asbury for Blend fabrics - has a larger print I wanted to keep from chopping it up too much. The only quilt pattern that came to mind that could keep the fabric in tact like I wanted was a simple yet fun plus quilt pattern. Fabrics for this project: left to right

Row 1: Spooktacular Halloween Harlequin Grey / Spooktacular Distressed Dot - Cream Orange / Spooktacular Pumpkintopia Black

Row 2: Violet Craft, Waterfront Park Flight Black / Spooktacular Gone Batty Orange / Mama Said Sew, Black Cream Pinwheel

Row 3: Spooktacular Witches Brew Black / Spooktacular Scaredy Cat / Timeless Treasures Ziggy Chevron in Black

The solids that are in the quilt are Timeless Treasures Soho Solids in Orange and Black.

Quick tips for making a plus quilt -

This quilt measures : 63 inches by 76.5 inches

  • Cut 5 inch squares from your fabric - if you would like to make a quilt the same size you will need a total of 238 squares. The layout is 14 squares by 17 squares.

  • If you would like to use charm packs you will need 6 packs, if using the normal 42 square per pack size. These are awesome because they are already perfect 5 inch squares - you are ready to go!

  • Layout your pattern on the floor, preferably one that is free of pets and toddlers...because you will need to play around with the layout a bit. I wait to do this step after my kiddo goes to bed - way easier :)

  • Since I have 17 rows, I tore out 17 pieces of paper and numbered them 1-17 to use as place markers. Stack up each row and using a large safety pin - pin the number to the stack. This is the biggest helper in keeping you in order at the sewing machine.

  • Sew each row using a 1/4 seam allowance and when finished pin your row number at the side of the beginning square. Keep the numbers pinned at each row until the entire quilt top is finished, they will not be in the way. (see below)

  • Once you finish all of your rows it's time to press. I like to nest my seams to help line up my rows nicely. The easiest way is to press my odd numbered rows down and my even rows up.

  • I then sew up rows in pairs; 1+2, 3+4, 5+6....

  • You can see from the back how the rows are pressed each direction. After I sew together two rows I then press those seams open, this helps keep the bulk down.

  • Keep adding rows together and you will soon have a plus quilt top!

Here are some more pictures - 

Thanks for stopping by! Leave a link below if you are also working on some Halloween projects - would love to see them all!