Our 4th of July

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th this year! My family and I packed up a picnic and walked down the beach for a quick little dinner. I say quick because it was literally take a bite, run after Grey, take a bite, stop Grey from stealing other kids toys, take a bite, keep Grey from eating sand. In other words….more chasing that picnic-ing was involved. We didn’t quite make it all the way to fireworks time but we enjoyed the sounds of popping the rest of the evening ;)

Don’t let this picture fool you, his dinner consisted of an entire carton of strawberries and two crackers. This kid and his picky eating! He wore the strawberries the rest of the evening. 

Took some fun pictures of Grey at the beach park. He is so cautious these days, so much that he only goes down the slide feet first and on his belly…poor kid! Also took out the denim picnic quilt (that isn’t finished). Seemed like a festive choice, and worked well enough as just a quilt top since it is all old jeans. 

We are driving down to Indianapolis mid week to visit with my in-laws, cousins and friends that are in town. Looking forward to Grey’s first time in a real pool and maybe sneaking in a couple of date nights! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and week coming up!