What do you like to do while sewing / crafting?

Usually the only real time I can get some sewing done is while my son is either napping or at night time once I put him to bed. I think this is usually the case for anyone who has children. Since my husband works from home we have a little nightly routine making coffee around 8pm and getting down to work. We share an office in the back of our apartment (I will show you a picture a little later once I can tidy up a bit) who am I kidding?! It’s as if a hurricane blew through there. So it might be a while before you see it. I just have no motivation to clean up the chaos after one project before wanting to dive into another. 

So back to my original question : What do you like to do while sewing / crafting?

For me I usually watch something on Netflix or Hulu Plus. We got rid of cable long ago and subscribe to both services, which I highly recommend for anyone with kiddos! I have the app for both on my cell phone and prop it up right beside my machine and sew away. I find it really does help pass the time by if you are working on something really tedious or repetitive and boring. 

Last night I started the most obnoxious show on Hulu called The only way is Essex. Just imagine a British Jersey Shore that is 100% more annoying. It’s a great show to watch while you are sewing because I can’t understand a dang thing they are saying so it doesn’t bother me that the sewing machine covers up most of the conversation. 

I also listen to music sometimes and my taste is somewhere between Bon Iver and Daft Punk. 

Do you like to watch a movie, listen to a book on tape or just listen to the hum of your machine?