Chevron Quilt: A Tutorial

This pattern has always been at the very top of my list of go to quilt patterns because it works so very well for a girl or a boy, and it’s just plain fun! Here is an older tutorial I have transferred over from the old blog on how to make a simple, baby sized Chevron Quilt.

For this baby sized quilt I used 5 inch squares, if you would like your Chevron pattern larger you can use whatever size squares you like. The only pattern you will need for this quilt is the ability to make a square, well lots of them. For the backing you will need 1 yard of coordinating fabric and 1/3 yd of fabric for your binding. Finished quilt after washing comes to 32” X 40”

I cut out 40 patterned and 40 5 inch white squares. // Chevron Quilt Tutorial

The next step is to take 1 patterned square and lay it face down on a white square. You will then get a pen and a ruler and draw a line on the backside of the patterned fabric from one corner to the other. Do this for every pattern to white square and place in a stack. // Chevron Quilt Tutorial

The next step is to start sewing. You will line up the pen line you made on the patterned side with the needle guide. Sew in a straight line once you get to the end instead of cutting and starting on another one, just keep your thread going making a long chain of the squares. // Chevron Quilt Tutorial

Keep your pen line to the left of the guide. Once you make a long chain of squares you will then start doing the same on the other side, this will make two separate squares in the end.

This picture not only shows making a chain out of the squares for easier sewing, but also sewing the other side. // Chevron Quilt Tutorial

Here is the long chain completed ready to cut. // Chevron Quilt Tutorial

You will now need to snip the two strings that are connecting all of the squares together. // Chevron Quilt Tutorial

Now with your scissors or rotary cutter cut along the pen line that is on your patterned fabric separating the two sides. // Chevron Quilt Tutorial

The next part is to iron the squares open, I recommend ironing the fabric in the back towards the pattern so no color shows up behind the white fabric when put together. // Chevron Quilt Tutorial

Here is what the front of the square now looks. // Chevron Quilt Tutorial

You will now need to snip off the little tails that are sticking off the two corners. I like to do this while watching TV since it takes a few minutes. I used a tray to hold all of the scraps that I cut off too…otherwise they might make a mess. // Chevron Quilt Tutorial

Now you can arrange your squares on the floor in the pattern you desire. Since this quilt is in a Chevron pattern, here is the layout I used. // Chevron Quilt Tutorial

The next step is to start sewing them together. I like to do the rows from the top down. I stack the squares up and take them to the machine then press and line back up on the floor with the remaining squares to make sure I am not messing up.

Once you have each row sewn together you can then connect the other direction. // Chevron Quilt Tutorial

Once you are finished press and enjoy!

Here are some pictures of the completed quilt, this sold on Etsy. // Chevron Quilt Tutorial // Chevron Quilt Tutorial // Chevron Quilt Tutorial // Chevron Quilt Tutorial // Chevron Quilt Tutorial