Japanese x and + Quilt

I first saw this quilt design on Instagram a couple of months ago it seemed like everyone was joining in…so why not me! The pattern is based off of a Japanese X and + Quilt sewn by Japanese Quilt Artist: Setsuko Inagawa

Most versions of this quit are made with scrappy fabrics resulting in a collage of every color and print under the sun, they truly are amazing to look at.

I have had this collection of fabrics sitting on my shelf staring at me wanting to be made into something wonderful, I knew this pattern would be a treat to work with.

Here are some pictures of the finished quilt top, I plan on ordering more of the butterfly fabric for the backing. The measurements will end up around 4 ft x 6ft, perfect size for the end of the bed or a cozy couch quilt.

I also took several photographs of the piecing and sewing process along with the pattern that shows the measurements.

Here is a quick image of the pattern. I will have detailed instructions on the blog soon.